Meet Lochlan:

Trace’s son, Lochlan, celebrated his first birthday last month. He is walking and on the verge of talking; Trace and Steve will be curbing their language from now on. 

Lochlan enjoys staring out the window at people passing by and listening to the “ABC” song on repeat while bopping to the beat. His favourite foods include carrots, bananas, Cheerios, and the occasional bug. 

His dislikes include yams, wearing shoes, and the baby gate on the stairs. He is also not a fan of shopping (see photo below).
Lochlan’s first word was “mamamamama”. 

He also enjoys the finer things of life such as lounging poolside at a 5-star resort while being fanned and spoon feed fruit.



Meet Sophie:

Justin’s daughter, Sophie, will be celebrating her first birthday later this month, and has recently started walking. 
Sophie can blow kisses, wave bye-bye, and melt your heart. 

Sophie spends her time climbing stairs, watching “little baby bum nursery rhyme” on Netflix, dancing to the song “baby shark”, and lifting weights at the gym (see photo below). Her favourite foods include avocado toast, sweet potato, chicken, and baby mum-mum crackers. 

Her dislikes include diaper changes, and the word “no” (already).

Sophie’s first word was “dada”.



Real Estate Update:

Oh by the way.. here’s some complimentary Real Estate information! (You didn't think Justin was going to let you get away with just pictures of cute babies.. now did you?)
Now is a great time to be a buyer because of better price opportunities and more selection. It's been four years since buyers have had this much choice in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Market. Now could be the time to make a move!

Fun Fact: 

Over 76% of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals. We are never to busy for your referrals. Your business means a lot to us and we'd be happy to assist you and your family. 

Yours in service,
Justin & Trace.